7 Body Products Gym Lovers Will Appreciate

Sweat sessions are a precious time. You've been working all day, dedicating your time to other things, but this is the time you give to your body. I look forward to leaving all my worries at the door and sweating out all my anxiety at my favorite workout class—I toggle between barre and spin and refuse to pick a favorite. During an extra-hard workout, you rarely think of the aftermath because you're too busy feeling the burn. Whether you sweat heavily or not, you're going to need to do a bit of body housekeeping afterward.

I immediately crave a shower post-workout, but those aren't always feasible, especially if it's a morning workout and the shower line is extra long, or I may simply not have time to hop in the shower due to other obligations. If you experience something similar, we've got you covered with post–gym workout products to keep in your bag at all times. These little lifesavers are perfect for when you need to freshen up fast.

Sometimes the soreness hits you immediately, or you may be feeling the wrath from a few workouts prior. When your muscles are extra stiff, slather this soothing gel all over for instant relief. It's cooling and will loosen up tightness while easing aches and pains. It doubles as a moisturizer because of all its essential oils that'll leave your skin hydrated and soft. 

Unfortunately, gym equipment comes with a cost: body acne. Sweat mixed with bacteria (often found on gym equipment) doesn't settle into the skin well, especially for those who have more sensitive skin. This spray uses salicylic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin B3, and aloe to cure acne and soothe any irritations. Plus, it dries fast so it's perfect for a quick spritz post-gym. 

Post-gym, a cool-down product is more than necessary. Mist this oxygenated spray over your face for protection from environmental stressors and toxins. It's made of Dead Sea salt, which gives your skin essential minerals, and hypochlorous acid, which soothes and cleanses the skin.

Whether you get super sweaty down there or not, a vaginal wipe will make you feel better. These intimate wipes are pH-balanced and hypoallergenic to control odor and gently cleanse the skin. What's even better is that each wipe is individually packaged so you can easily throw one in your bag.

If you'd rather skip the body wipes (and the long shower line) and spray your body down, this Power Shower cleansing spray is for you. It's a cooling, moisture-boosting formula of jojoba, coconut oil, and antioxidants to give you a shower sans water.

These aren't your regular wipes; they're high-performance wipes made specifically for solving sweaty, post-workout woes. You might work out in your makeup more than you want to—it happens to the best of us busy bees—and these hardworking wipes remove excess dirt, oil, and sweat buildup so your skin will feel renewed.

Instead of skipping your go-to spin class because you know your hair will be drenched afterward, carry this little guy with you. A dry shampoo made specifically for hair that hasn't been washed in a while, it has detoxifying charcoal powder, which is made to absorb sweat while ridding your hair of dirt and oil. It also contains white tea powder made to soothe your scalp. ■

So next time you're stressing about how to plan your workout classes around other life obligations, rest assured that these workout products have got your back. No workout left behind—time-saving products to the rescue.