Let's Be Honest: Nothing Beats Wearing Yoga Pants All Day

No matter how fervent your love for fashion, there comes a day when every woman asks herself, “Do I really need to change out of my yoga pants today?”

Luckily, the answer is a definite no. But before you fully devote yourself to the spandex life, keep in mind that there are a few suggested parameters when it comes to wearing your workout clothes outside of the gym. Click through for five styling tips to keep your look fresh from (or to) the gym, not like you’ve been living in leggings for days.

1. Master the Third-Piece Rule
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The third-piece rule revolves around the idea that the most stylish outfits consist of three (or more) pieces, not including your shoes. So if you’re stepping out in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, elevate the look with a vest or blazer. Bold accessories also count as a third piece—a funky scarf or statement belt are both nice ways to add interest without adding warmth or bulk.

2. Make Track Pants Your New Bestie
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Yes, we all love yoga pants for their unfaltering ability to sculpt and tighten, but there’s a new—arguably cooler—pant style on the workout-wear circuit: track pants. They ooze effortless cool with subtle wafts of ’90s nostalgia, and they’re really comfortable.

3. Consider a Monochromatic Look
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One quick way to up the intentionality of your look is to choose monochromatic separates. Black, navy, and gray are always subtle and sophisticated choices, and we’re also crushing on olive green and burgundy at the moment.

4. Incorporate Volume
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The sleek lines of your beloved yoga pants are the perfect base for structured, voluminous pieces. To nail the look, try layering a boxy statement jacket or cocoon coat over your activewear.

5. Add an Elevated Element



Whether it’s heels, a leather jacket, or a statement bag, you only need one piece to take your look from the gym to the street. We love sweats with heels or leggings paired with a leather jacket.

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Any tips we forgot to mention? What’s your take on workout wear in everyday life?

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