The Skeptic's Guide to Getting Into Yoga


Hope Leigh

Alexis Novak is a yoga instructor, NASM-CPT, and mobility enthusiast. As a contributor for THE/THIRTY, Alexis will be sharing her knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and meditation to help you find your own personal balance between strength and serenity. Her approach to wellness is to simplify and keep a sense of humor. This month, she's sharing her perspective on creating your own yoga practice.

As a yoga instructor, I hear the same phrase a lot when yoga comes up in conversation: "I am just so bad at yoga. I can't even touch my toes." To which I respond with one of my favorite quotes about yoga: "Not going yoga because you aren't flexible is like not taking a bath because you are too dirty." I am not here to convince you that yoga is the "quick fix" answer to our problems, but I am going to share how yoga can be a healing safety net if you let it.

But where to begin? There are so many studios, styles, teachers, etc. How do you know which one is the "right" one for you? When asked, I tell people to try them all. There are so many options, and you won't know which one works best for you unless you try them or at least look into what they are about. There isn't one "right" yoga style, or right way to ingest your yoga intake (at home or in studio). Below are a few tips to starting, maintaining, and enjoying your own personal yoga practice—no matter what obstacles you think might be standing in your way.