Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Yoga Instructor Shares the Best Moves for Bloating

As someone with self-diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome (doctors can't seem to attribute my frequent bloating to anything specifically), I'm game for any and all remedies that claim to de-puff (safely, of course). I've tried buzzy supplements and traditional Chinese medicine, which were both met with positive results, but if there were something that didn't require ingesting anything additionally to counteract the painful gas and water weight, I'd be first on the sign-up list.

Luckily, the quest for such a solution came to a close sooner than expected. Recently, I was approached by celebrity yoga instructor Claire Grieve's team (she works with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Odell Beckham Jr.), and after a quick scan of her Instagram, I needed to know every last one of her fitness tips. Even more intriguing, though, was that she's created a yoga sequence specifically for bloating, meaning you can get a workout in while you regulate your digestive system. Pretty cool, right? Curious how this works, I tapped Grieve for more info.

"Yoga can help with bloating in so many ways," she explains. "First and foremost, certain yoga poses, like twists, are basically a mini massage for your internal organs, stimulating both the digestive and detoxifying systems. Yoga also helps get the blood and oxygen moving through your body, which can awaken any stagnant energy. Further, yoga calms the nervous system, which can help ease any indigestion caused by stress or anxiety."

This explanation checks out with science, too. In a 2006 study, adolescents aged 11 to 18 with IBS who practiced yoga at home for four weeks saw significantly less gastrointestinal symptoms and emotion-focused avoidance, a known side effect of the disorder. 

Intrigued by all of this, I asked Grieve to break down, step by step, each bloat-reducing pose. The following five sequences involve three easy-to-follow moves each and are outlined below.


In terms of how often you should do these moves, Grieve says there's only one time limitation: "I recommend doing this sequence whenever you're feeling bloated or uncomfortable," she says. "Though, if you've just eaten a large meal, it would be best to let your body digest for an hour or two before jumping into a yoga sequence."

Up next, check out the worst drinks for bloating.