4 Yoga Poses That Actually Help Your PMS


Alexis Novak

She arrives every month but never seems to get any sweeter—your period. Yes, a menstrual cycle is a sign of a healthy female body capable of incredible things (creation of life, NBD)! But, if we’re being real here, it can also be annoying. There’s the headaches, the bloating, the mood swings (watch out), the cramps, the general sense of “ugh.”

If you’re battling those three little letters (PMS), yoga can be an effective way to alleviate symptoms. We know, working out might not be at the top of your to-do list, but these poses are restorative and simple—you can even do them in your bed (score). To explain and demonstrate these poses, we enlisted the help of yoga instructor and THE/THIRTY contributor Alexis Novak.

Read on for her take on yoga poses to ease your PMS.

Do you find yoga restorative when you’re on your period? We would love to hear your experience!